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You will learn How to Install Windows 10 on Vultr VPS. After installing the Windows 10 OS on your VPS you can use it as your computer. Install Windows on Vultr VPS.

If you haven’t read my old post to Tutorial Sign Up Vultr Get $100 Free, you can click here to read it again.

1. Sign Up Vultr Get $100 Free

If you haven’t read my old post to Tutorial Sign Up Vultr Get $100 Free, you can click here to read it again.

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2. Vultr Windows 10 Iso

To install windows 10 vultr, you need to upload the Windows ISO to Vultr. Here I have compiled the ISO file link to install windows 10 on vultr.

3. Install windows 10 on vultr

Step 1 – Upload the Windows ISO File to be installedFrom control panel >> Select Product >> ISOs >> Add ISO


You paste the link Vultr Windows 10 ISO (Above section) >> click Upload.


Vultr will automatically upload the ISO file, when the status changes to “Available”, the upload is successful.


Step 2 – Create a VPS & Install from ISO File

Login to Vultr, select Deploy New Server :

Click “+” (Deploy New Server).


1. Choose Server

There are different types of VPS such as high performance server, hosting …, but the most appropriate VSP is Cloud Compute (VC2)


2. Server Location

Select the server location to place the VPS.


3. Server Type

In Server Type, there are many options, we install Windows freely, do not pay a monthly License fee for Vultr, so we will select the newly uploaded Windows OS ISO file to install.

Upload ISO >> Select Win 10 (ISO file uploaded in the previous step).


4. Server Size

In Server Size – is a VPS package resource, we should create at least 2GB RAM packages or more


5. Additional Features:

In Additional Features are additional options, we should choose Enable Auto Backups if we have important data or we can skip it.

6. Server Hostname & Label:

In Serve Hostname and VPS Label – Put the name you want to use.

Finally Click Deploy Now to proceed with initialization:


Step 3 – Install Windows on VPS Vultr via Console

Wait a few minutes, then click “…” >> View Console.


The next steps you follow the picture:


Please wait….


In this step, you choose the username & password to log in to VPS.


Done! You just know Install Windows 10 on VPS Vultr.That is quite easy right ?

Now we have Windows on VPS, like any other computer. Of course, using the web browser Console to control Windows is extremely slow.

So we will use the Remote Desktop feature on your Windows computer to connect and use Windows on VPS faster!

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You will learn How to Install Windows 10 on Vultr VPS.

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