Best VPN 2021. Free VPN ON VULTR. Deploy OpenVPN Vultr In 60 Seconds.

Best VPN 2021. Free VPN ON VULTR. Deploy OpenVPN Vultr In 60 Seconds.

Have you ever been blocked from trying to access certain restricted content sites in your country? Do you know that there is some content on websites not available for your country? VPN is an effective solution that can help you access many of your favorite streaming resources without the hassle of content.

You can choose the best VPN solution to use by purchasing the available VPN solution provided by many leading service providers such as PureVPN, Winscribe VPN, VPN Unlimited or you can deploy it yourself. Give yourself a personal VPN on Vultr’s VPS system at extremely competitive prices. For only $ 2.5 a month, you can have your own VPN without having to depend on other VPN service providers.

OpenVPN is an application that can be deployed on Vultr. It runs on the CentOS 6 x 64 operating system. Vultr is one of the most affordable VPS hostings that allows the deployment of any VPS in 17 different server locations across the world. Deploying an OpenVPN application is straightforward and accessible. You can own a private VPN gateway that can be used to access any geo-blocked site with as little as $2.5 per month. Besides, OpenVPN Application allows you to stream and watch video content at the comfort of your home.

Launch a OpenVPN application on Vultr with a few simple clicks! Deploy OpenVPN in 60 seconds. $2.5/mo Deploy a New OpenVPN server within One-click – Let’s get started

Step 1 – Login to Your Vultr Account

Create an account on VULTR if you don’t have one yet, and make sure to link a payment method to your account in order to be able to use Vultr services. You can link a credit card or a paypal account.

If you haven’t read my old post to Tutorial Sign Up Vultr Get $100 Free, you can click here to read it again.

Step 2 – Deploy Your Server

Once you have verified your account, and linked a payment method, click to “+” button to deploy an server.

Step 3 – Choose Server Location

Once you click the deploy button , you need to select the location where you want the server hosted.

Step 4 – Choose Server Type

On the server type section, you need to go to “Application” and then select “OpenVPN” application.

Step 5 – Choose Server Size

You can select any package you want, an instance of $5  /  month server it’s enough for a vpn server for personal usage.  

Step 5 – Choose Server Size

Step 6 – Server Configuration

Once you have selected the location of server, server type and size, now it’s time to setup your own configuration.

Additional Features

Select any additional features you want, you can enable IPv6, auto backup, ddos protection and private networking.


, How to Create Your Own VPN in Vultr with one Click, New Blog Hosting


Startup Script

Startup script allows you to add scripts you want to be executed once the server starts up.  


, How to Create Your Own VPN in Vultr with one Click, New Blog Hosting


SSH Keys

Set your SSH key if you wan to login to server using ssh key, or leave it blank if you want to connect to your server using a password.


, How to Create Your Own VPN in Vultr with one Click, New Blog Hosting


Firewall Group

On this section you can select a firewall group if you have one, leave it as is if you don’t want to use firewall. If you are using firewall, make sure to allow TCP/UDP connections on ports 443 and 1194.  


, How to Create Your Own VPN in Vultr with one Click, New Blog Hosting


Server Hostname & Label

Set the hostname you want, and click the button “Deploy Now” to deploy the server.


, How to Create Your Own VPN in Vultr with one Click, New Blog Hosting


It doesn’t take too long for the server to setup. However, a coffee it’s never a bad idea 😉

Once the server is created and online, you will receive an email that contains VPN Server IP, username and the password.  You can also access this information directly on vultr, simply click over the Server IP on the homepage.


, How to Create Your Own VPN in Vultr with one Click, New Blog Hosting

Step 7 – Logging to OpenVPN

Now all you have to do is simply paste the Server IP on your browser, and then login using the same username and password you got on your email address.

At this point, a page will appear for you to download OpenVPN tools to your computer to connect to VPN, choose the version suitable for your computer or phone to download.

Here I download the version for the computer, after downloading, you install it on your computer and then open the OpenVPN application, it asks you to enter the IP address, password.

That’s it, now you notice in the taskbar on your computer, you will see the OpenVPN icon turn green, that you have successfully connected as well as changed the IP.

Pros And Cons Of OpenVPN

The pros of OpenVPN that you don’t need to share the server with anybody else. You are own it and use it all alone. And of course, you have a private IP address for your VPN server.

The cons of OpenVPN that you can choose only one server to deploy and you can not switch to a new server like other VPN providers. To get a new server location you must DEPLOY another OpenVPN in another location that you would like to connect.

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